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By shoby1128, May 23 2018 07:28PM

You may have had it mentioned to you before, you may have even been required to have this performed previously, but in this month's blog we will focus on all aspects relating to “face fit tests.”

We frequently have business owners contacting us to ask "do we need to undertake a face fit test for our dust masks?" Quite simply YES you do. If your business has opted and followed the ranking of risk assessments to reduce or eradicate the respiratory hazard as far as is sensibly practicable and there is still a residual risk to the respiratory health of your employees, then some form of respiratory protective equipment (frequently referred to RPE) should be used to control the hazard. A major cause of leaks is primarily a result of a poor fitting mask. In instances such as these, tight-fitting face pieces need to fit the wearer’s face to be effective.

Why is it important to perform a face fit test?

Quite simply, if you administer respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to any of your staff or your work force, it is pivotal you have sufficient documentation to reflect this and to show the RPE fits the relevant individual/wearer. By implementing each wearer to a face-fit test you can rest in the knowledge that your business is meeting the necessary needs and fulfilling the necessary requirements which is outlined in the Health & Safety Executives.

Why it's important for an employee to wear respiratory protective equipment?

If you are an employee reading this article we cannot stress enough how important respiratory protective equipment is. In short it can save your life! Over the years various workers have died as a result of entering constricted spaces without the necessary respiratory protective equipment or not wearing the relevant equipment correctly.

Many of the gases, dusts and vapors that emanate when individuals are exposed to them can cause serious damage to both their lungs and other parts of the body and they are often invisible to the naked eye. By having the necessary respiratory protective equipment in place and worn correctly, it can protect individuals from these hazardous substances that can cause serious diseases.

What requirements are necessary to carry out a face fit test?

We strongly recommend a capable and experienced individual should undertake a face fit test. An individual should show aptitude and ideally be a part of the BSIF Fit2Fit Fit Testers Accreditation Scheme, although it is worth noting this isn't compulsory.

We here at The Health Alliance, are passionate about working with businesses and we can help you by offering face fit tests. To learn more about these services or to book us, simply call us on 07970 949346|07920 094663 or drop us an email [email protected]

How often should relevant face fit tests be undertaken?

It is strongly recommended and deemed good business practice to have a system in place to ensure repeat Fit Testing is carried out on a consistent basis. This is especially important when respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is used frequently as a primary means of exposure control, e.g. annual testing for workers involved in licensed asbestos removal.

Record keeping

A record should be kept of the test which should clearly state the mask make, model and size of the mask tested. Records and any specific information relating to the face fit tests should be valid (up to date) and always available for inspection wherever necessary.

How frequently should a business carry out a face fit?

The fit face test should be carried out "routinely" or in instances where the wearer of the mask gains or losses excessive weight. A test should also be performed should the wearer undergo any considerable dental treatment or develops any facial changes (this could relate to scarring/moles amongst other aspects).

To book an individual test or group session

To book just call us on 07970 949346|07920 094663 or email us on [email protected] and we will happily support and guide you through the process. Based locally to Croydon we are accessible to both the M25 and London. It is also worth noting we also offer a fully mobile service whereby we come to you to help minimise any disruption to your workforce.

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